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Second Lives is a Sci-Fi Thriller about a reclusive victim who stumbles across her attacker in the virtual world of Second Life.  But when her efforts to uncover his real-world identity backfire, she must conquer her fears and hunt him down before he can strike again.

Sometimes justice needs a little push, especially when it’s all just a game.

A 2014 Nicholl Fellowship QF winner

Academy Nicholl Fellowships

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Just Announced:

Second Lives has just won yet another script contest! See the link on your left for a complete list.

Mood Board:

As an exercise in visualization I did this mood board for Second Lives. I was given the task of making and editing it within the course of only a few hours to do it. The objective was to make a video that captured the mood changes that the audience would feel during the film. And challenge it certainly was. This is not intended to be a trailer or to follow the plot line in any way, but instead to convey the essence of the feelings that the movie goer would experience and in the range and order they would experience it. It’s not a completed nor polished work, but it gives you the general idea. YES, I did a lot of this in the game, Second Life!





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